Good to know - Self check-in

Self check-in and booking kiosks for ferries to France and UK


LD Lines has become the first cross channel ferry operator to pioneer new technology with the introduction of self check-in facilities on the Portsmouth – Le Havre service.

Tired of long lines?

Check-in by yourself or choose your itinerary and book a crossing!

This is fast and convenient!



How to use our Foot Passenger Kiosk

  • Touch Screen
    Navigate with easy to use text and buttons.
  • Barcode scanner
    All LD Lines Frequent Traveller have a personal card. Place the card under the red beam and your reservation will be automatically recalled.
  • Passport Scanner
    Simply scan your passport during check-in and/or sale of ticket to allow LD Lines to retrieve data required by maritime authorities.
  • Chip & Pin Payment system
    Purchase your ticket or amend your booking.
  • Printer
    Print out your Boarding Pass/Ticket.

How to use our Vehicle Kiosk

   All of the above components plus:

1. Laser scanner to detect vehicle/motorcycle presence, height and length.

This is then compared to the dimensions declared in the reservation.  Should the vehicle detected be larger than declared, the passenger is notified of the size difference and then charged according to this data.

2.  ANPR camera to detect the car license plate. 

The detection of the plate is used to recall the passenger's reservation so that by the time the vehicle arrives at the kiosk, the passenger only needs to choose the language of choice.

          3. Intercom for passenger assistance, if required.

The first phase has seen the installation of foot passenger self check-in kiosks in the ports of Le Havre and Portsmouth. The next phase will allow the purchase of tickets at this kiosk for any route on the LD Lines network.

*exclusion list :

All kiosks : A child travelling with an adult NOT sharing the same last name
Vehicles kiosk :
Bookings that contain pets, weapons or pulling a trailer/caravan or motorhomes
Bookings that contain vehicles longer than 7m
Bookings that contain more than 9 passengers
Bookings that contain a vehicle cannot check-in at foot passenger kiosk (and visa versa)

Only available on the Portsmouth-Le Havre route